Simplify School Management

  • Attendance

  • Examination

  • Student

  • Communication

  • Fee Collection

  • Transport

  • Payroll

Attendance is taken instantly via RFID readers and updated instantly in the system and parent app. It helps maintain attendance records efficiently and gets rid of piles of paperwork. Teachers spend zero time taking attendance in class.

With the help of the app, pre-defined templates can be used and report cards can be generated with a single click. There is no need for any spreadsheets or offline work.

Store student's data and analyse performance trends to bring more transparency to the functioning of the school. A complete record of students like consolidated personal and academic reports provide a 360-degree view of the complete student profile.

You can now take better control of all internal and external communication. Late fee reminder will be automatically sent via email and app notification. If not read in 4 hours, the app will automatically send an SMS to the parents. Increase parent engagement with chat and group communication.

Simplify fee management with a secure payment gateway and view all transaction details. Parents can pay the fee online from home, get receipts instantly on email and app. Money is automatically allocated to the correct receipt head-no waiting, no lines, no data mismatch.

Access real-time GPS data and ensure the safety of your students. It sends real-time notifications to parents to let them know about their child pick and drop through live vehicle tracking in the mobile app. It also helps in measuring performance with detailed driver and vehicle statistics.

Save time by automating calculations and avoiding inaccurate paperwork. With the help of the app, monthly data can get regularised and payroll generated. Generate bulk salaries, save time and reduce errors. Manage applicable allowance/deduction without any hassle. Create cumulative, graphical and personal pay slips.

  • Admission

  • Leaves

  • Inventory

  • Staff

  • Library

  • Timetable

  • Front office

The app allows you to streamline and customise your admission process with real-time tracking offline as well as online. The multi-tier, configurable admission process from parent enquiry to generation of admission number, can be done paperless.

The app helps simplify and expedite leave application and approval process. Leave data gets updated automatically. The processes of configurable leave types, integration and verification become very smooth through the app or website.

The app enables customisation of transfer certificates and makes them available for download online. Speed up the process of issuing transfer certificates and other important letters to staff and students, and generation of automatic letters.

Generate staff ID cards quickly and bring more transparency to your school’s HR process. Put an end to maintaining cumbersome staff databases. Get all the details of your teaching and non-teaching staff at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

You can now manage your library catalogue and issue books online. Effortlessly integrate your library module with barcode systems. Maintain a detailed and easily accessible list of library books. Reduce errors due to manual verification and registration of books.

You can simplify timetables and easily plan for substitution of teachers. If teacher attendance is not marked by assembly time, it automatically generates a substitute teacher based on skill match and configurable rules. Students don't get a free period and no study time is wasted.

Streamline front-office operations and visitor management. You can check staff calendar, validate security by OTP or biometric, generate identity tag, generate pickup pass for a child, and monitor exit timeline.

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